Learn how to make your own simple, natural, DIY skin care products with the Handmade Skin Care for Beginners Course

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Handmade Body Lotion for Beginners

Make your own boutique-quality body lotion, right in your kitchen, with this simple 5-step method

Ready to make your own handmade body lotion, completely from scratch? These quick and simple lesson tutorials will have you whipping up ultra-moisturizing, non-greasy, good-for-your-skin, body lotion that is better than anything bought at the store.

You'll be a handmade body lotion pro in just a few easy lessons, EVEN IF you've never made skin care at home before. Perfect for beginners!

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Do you want to make your own handcrafted body lotion but have no idea where to start?

Making lotion from scratch seems complex or intimidating

You're overwhelmed by the sheer volume of lotion-making info online (much of it conflicting)

You’ve tried making lotion before but didn’t like the way it felt (too greasy, not moisturizing enough, etc.) OR it didn’t turn out properly (separated, curdled, grew mold, etc.)

You wish you had an expert you could lean on for questions and support

If you're ready to start off successfully making body lotion, THIS is the course for you!

Handmade Body Lotion for Beginners

This online course will have you whipping up professional-quality body lotion, even if you've never made DIY skin care before

In just a few short lessons, you'll be handcrafting amazing body lotion with naturally good-for-your-skin ingredients. Your homemade body lotion will moisturize, absorb quickly, and rival any boutique-brand off the shelf.

Here's what you'll learn:

The simple ingredients you need to get started making skin-nourishing body lotion

The GAME CHANGING ingredient you need to make shelf-stable lotion that turns out perfect every time

Key SAFETY rules to ensure your body lotion won't grow mold or harbor bacteria

How to scent your lotion with fragrance oils and/or natural essential oils

Easily add specialty ingredients like extracts and infused oils to create professional-quality lotions

Ready to get started making your own body lotion from scratch?

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Simple & Easy Crafting

I'll walk you step-by-step through the entire lotion making process, with my super simple 5-step signature method. Step-by-step video lessons and tutorials + downloadable recipes and instructions will ensure you're successful from your very first batch.

Skin-Nourishing & Fast Absorbing

All recipes are filled with amazingly good-for-your-skin butters and oils, and formulated to quickly sink in for smooth and moisturized skin. Learn to make lotion that is perfect for YOUR skin. Prefer light lotions? You can make it! Need a richer cream? You can make that too!

Personalized Support

Although this course is self-paced, you're never alone. You'll get personalized support throughout the entire course: ask your questions via our course Q&A section or send me a private message. Either way, I will personally answer each and every one of your questions! You'll never be stuck or confused. I LOVE interacting with my students.

What students are saying about Handmade Lotion for Beginners...

Thank you for another awesome class, Angela! -- Jessica L.

Wonderful, well organized and fun class. -- Anita J.

Angela, I learned a lot. I put the lotion on--it's amazing. Thank you. -- Espen

Very good class. It's awesome. -- Joyce L.

Course includes video tutorials for these lovely recipes:

Jasmine Vanilla Boutique-Base Body Lotion (perfect for customizing too!)

Coconut Mango Light Body Lotion

Lavender, Oat and Shea Butter Rich Body Cream

Plus video tutorials for adding fun (and skin-loving) ingredients like glycerin extracts, infused herbal oils, and essential oils

By enrolling in Handmade Body Lotion for Beginners, you’ll also get these BONUSES:

Bonus 12 Additional Lotion RECIPE BUNDLE

EBOOK: The 10 Best Lotion-Making Oils and Butters

Create Your Own Custom Lotion Recipes WORKSHEET

Bonus MINI COURSE ACCESS: Create a Handmade Skin Care Recipe Journal

Bonus Tutorial: How To Make Easy INFUSED HERBAL OILS

Bonus Tutorial: How To Make GLYCERIN EXTRACTS

Forget those problematic DIY recipes!

Honestly, so many of the DIY lotion recipes found on blogs and YouTube just aren't great. I want to ensure you'll never waste your time, and good ingredients, making a finished product that doesn't feel good on your skin.

Or, worse, make a lotion that is UNSAFE, and a prime environment for mold and bacterial growth, because the recipe you followed was not formulated correctly.

As an esthetician trained in product formulation, I've spent years perfecting my crafting techniques and formulas. And, since I've taught handmade skin care crafting for the last 20+ years, I know exactly where beginning crafters are most likely to get tripped up.

My simple crafting methods and skin-nourishing recipes were born out of these years of experience.

I will get you started off right, making lotion that is SAFE and incredibly GOOD for your skin (and feels good too!)

I'm Ready To Enroll!

Meet Your Instructor...

Hi, friend! I'm Angela Palmer, esthetician and DIY skin care educator. Since 2001, I've taught thousands of women, just like you, how to craft their own farm-fresh, simple, wholesome handmade skin care. I can't wait for you to join us.

I'm super excited to show you how to make your own moisturizing, fast absorbing, better-than-store-bought body lotion. You'll be thrilled at the amazing, professional quality body lotion that you can easily create in your own kitchen. So, enroll now and I'll see you inside the course!


What's included with my enrollment?

By enrolling in the course, you get:

  • 12 online modules including video tutorials, text lessons, PDF recipe downloads and worksheets
  • Access to your instructor via community comments and email for questions and support
  • Bonus lessons and recipes

This course is held completely online and digitally. Nothing will be shipped.

Do I have to be available at certain dates/times for this course?

Not at all. This course is completely online and self-paced. You can sign in at any time, and work through the lessons as quickly or slowly as you like. There are no due dates, and no homework… just the fun stuff!

Are the lotions made in this course all-natural?

While the vast majority of the ingredients we will be working with in this course are all natural, the finished lotions are not 100% natural strictly speaking. To get an effective, non-greasy, pro-quality product we utilize emulsifying wax. While this ingredient is naturally derived, and made from vegetable sources, it is not considered 100% natural.

We also use a synthetic, paraben-free, preservative at a very low percent (under 0.5%). This is vital to ensure a SAFE product that won't grow mold or bacteria. Natural preservatives are very fussy to work with, especially for beginning crafters. Because I want you to be successful as a beginning crafter, we will not be discussing all-natural preservative options in this course. (All-natural preservation options would be an entire course itself--maybe a subject for an upcoming course. 😉)

Even with these synthetic ingredients, your finished lotion will be approximately 95% natural. Much better than store-bought lotions!

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you enroll, you will have lifetime access to the course. Plus, any time I update the course in the future, you’ll get access to that too. 

How do you offer support/help/answer questions?

We have 2 ways to connect! Within each module throughout the course is an 'Ask Angela' section where you can privately post questions or ask for help. Your questions come directly to me, and I'll personally answer via email.

You may also post in the 'Comments' section below each lesson, and I will answer you there. Your comments can be seen both by me and other students within the course. Feel free to interact!

I love checking in with all my students, and I will do anything I can to ensure you’re moving through the lessons successfully.

Do you offer refunds? Is this risk-free?

I think you’ll be really happy with the course, but in case you decide it’s just not for you, you have 7 days to get a full refund.

Let's make handcrafted body lotion!

I'm so excited to start making lotion with you! I know that your skin will absolutely love the lotion you make, and your family and friends will be impressed with your handcrafted lotion too.

You can do this, my friend! Enroll now and let's get started.

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