Learn how to make your own simple, natural, DIY skin care products with the Handmade Skin Care for Beginners Course

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Farm Girl Skin Care Fundamentals

Learn how to handcraft a complete DIY facial skin care routine from scratch, and completely customize it for your skin

This comprehensive workshop will teach you how to make a complete, customized facial skin care routine, and swap your store-bought skin care for effective handmade options you've crafted yourself. Create facial cleansers, exfoliants, masks, moisturizers, serums, and more. Plus learn how to put them together for a streamlined routine personalized for your skin type.

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You've never taken part in anything like this workshop, my friend!

If you are ready to:

Handcraft amazing DIY facial products at home, simply and easily

Replace store-bought facial skin care with your amazing handmade versions

Know exactly what your skin needs and how to put it all together in a streamlined, easy-to-use routine

Want an expert you can lean on for questions and support

Join me in this exciting, one-of-a-kind workshop.

Farm Girl Skin Care Fundamentals

Wholesome DIY facial product recipes + holistic skin care routine customized for YOU

Get ready to revamp your skin care routine and create your own handmade facial products, the farm girl way!

Simple methods

You're busy! You don't have time for lengthy crafting processes, nor do you want to struggle to understand the methods. All products in this workshop whip up in a flash, and the step-by-step instructions are easy to follow (i.e. you don't need to have a chemistry background to understand them.)

Wholesome ingredients

Instead of long lists of ingredients you can't pronounce, you'll work with all-natural and naturally-based ingredients to craft your products. Wholesome ingredients = wholesome skin care.

Handmade by YOU!

You CAN make your own facial products that work just as well as the store-bought options (but for way less $$$.) This workshop will show you how. It's perfect for the beginner to intermediate crafter. Even if you've never made any handmade skin care product before, you can do this!

Personalized Support

Although this course is self-paced, you're never alone. You'll get personalized support throughout the entire course: ask your questions via our course Q&A section or send me a private message. Either way, I will personally answer each and every one of your questions! You'll never be stuck or confused. I LOVE interacting with my students.

Here's what you'll learn:

How to correctly identify your skin type and skin condition

Handmade skin care fundamentals and how to get started safely

Needed supplies and ingredients to get started crafting your own facial products

How to create a daily and weekly skin care routine, personalized to your skin type

How to start replacing your store-bought products with handmade skin care

How to craft luscious, custom, handmade products to pamper your skin

Awesome, professionally-formulated recipes and tutorials for these products (customized for your skin type) included:

Cleansers - foaming, balm, and more

Toners and astringents

Exfoliants, both scrubs and enzyme exfoliants

Masks - deep-cleansing, hydrating, and more

Moisturizing creams and lotions, both light and rich

Serums, oil-based and gels

By enrolling in Farm Girl Skin Care Fundamentals,

you’ll also get these BONUSES:

2 LIVE Q&A Classes with Angela! Held via Zoom

EBOOK: DIY Skin Care for Beginners

Bonus MINI COURSE ACCESS: Create a Handmade Skin Care Recipe Journal

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Meet Your Instructor...

Hi, friend! I'm Angela Palmer, esthetician and DIY skin care educator. Since 2001, I've taught thousands of women, just like you, how to craft their own farm-fresh, simple, wholesome handmade skin care. I can't wait for you to join us.

I'm super excited to show you how to make your own beautiful, personalized, facial products. You'll be thrilled at the luxurious, high-quality skin care that you can easily create in your own kitchen (and for so much less money than those boutique brands!) So, enroll today and I'll see you inside the workshop!


What's included with my enrollment?

By enrolling in the course, you get:

  • Online modules including video tutorials, text lessons, PDF recipe downloads and worksheets
  • Access to your instructor via community comments and email for questions and support
  • Bonus lessons and recipes, plus live Q&A calls

This course is held completely online and digitally. Nothing will be shipped.

Do I have to be available at certain dates/times for this course?

This course is completely online and self-paced. You can sign in at any time, and work through the lessons as quickly or slowly as you like. There are no due dates, and no homework… just the fun stuff!

For this workshop, there will be 2 bonus live Q&A classes, held via Zoom. Dates and times are listed inside the workshop portal. While I would love to see you at the call live, if you can't make it you can catch the replay. It will be posted within the online classroom.

Are the facial products made in this course all-natural?

While the vast majority of the ingredients we will be working with in this course are all-natural, some of the finished products will not be 100% natural, strictly speaking.

Some formulations (AKA recipes) do require naturally-derived but lab-created ingredient(s) to create a safe and stable product. While these ingredients are naturally derived, and made from vegetable sources, they may not be considered 100% natural.

We also will occasionally use a synthetic, paraben-free, preservative at a very low percent (under 0.5%). This is vital in all products that contain water to ensure a SAFE product that won't grow mold or bacteria. Natural preservatives are very fussy to work with, especially for beginning crafters. Because I want you to be successful as a beginning crafter, we will not be discussing all-natural preservative options in this course. (All-natural preservation options would be an entire course itself--maybe a subject for an upcoming course. 😉)

Even with these synthetic ingredients, your finished products will be at least 95% natural. Much better than store-bought options!

I will discuss preservative-free alternative recipes during the course, and the benefits and drawbacks of using them, so that you can make an informed decision and one that works best for you.

How long do I have access to the course?

Once you enroll, you will have lifetime access to the course. Plus, any time I update the course in the future, you’ll get access to that too. 

How do you offer support/help/answer questions?

We have 2 ways to connect! Within each module throughout the course is an 'Ask Angela' section where you can privately post questions or ask for help. Your questions come directly to me, and I'll personally answer via email.

You may also post in the 'Comments' section below each lesson, and I will answer you there. Your comments can be seen both by me and other students within the course. Feel free to interact!

I love checking in with all my students, and I will do anything I can to ensure you’re moving through the lessons successfully.

Do you offer refunds? Is this risk-free?

I think you’ll be really happy with the course, but in case you decide it’s just not for you, you have 7 days to get a full refund.

Create beautiful skin naturally, with simple DIY products + holistic skin care treatment

Let me walk you through the entire process of making your own facial care from scratch, and improving the health of your skin. I can't wait to see you inside the workshop!

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