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Measurements Made Easy: How To Measure in Parts, Weight, and Percent

Confused by units of measure used in DIY skin care recipes?

THIS is the class for you!

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That homemade skin care recipe sounds amazing, until you start to to try to make it yourself...

'Add 2 parts sea salt.' But what is a part?

'Measure 4 grams kaolin clay.' Wait, do I really need a scale?

'Use 20% coconut oil.' OK... how do I get from a percent to an amount I can actually measure?

If you've ever looked at a handmade skin care recipe and ended up scratching your head, THIS is the class you need!

In this self-paced, virtual class you will learn:

  • How to weigh in both ounces and grams, and accurately use a scale
  • How to determine a "part" and how to accurately measure in parts
  • Why so many handmade skin care recipes are written in percent
  • How to confidently convert percent into a unit you can measure
  • Easily scale up or down a recipe, to get the right sized recipe for you

I'm breaking it all down for you in EASY steps, even if you are math-phobic.

It's time to learn how to measure beyond cups and teaspoons and grow your DIY skin care crafting skills.

This workshop is recommended for ALL handmade skin care crafters, from beginners on up, and is a MUST for anyone looking to start their own handmade soap or cosmetic business.

Class also includes:

  • Downloadable/printable cheat sheets and worksheets to make measuring any recipe a breeze
  • 4 full handmade skin care recipes from my personal recipe journal
  • Bonus lesson: How To Use Your Digital Scale
  • Bonus: Student-only access to Create a Handmade Skin Care Recipe Journal Mini Course (course opens February 15, 2022)

Let's get you confidently crafting, no matter the units of measure used in a recipe.

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 Measurements Made Easy: How To Measure in Parts, Weight, and Percent
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